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Ventral View 2. Close-up of cranial nerves in another specimen. Find the cranial nerves: olfactory tract (I) next to gyrus rectus on the orbital surface of frontal lobe; optic (II) just anterior to the hypothalamus oculomotor (III) exiting the interpeduncular fossa; trochlear (IV) appearing between the parahippocampal gyrus and the pons; trigeminal (V) on the middle cerebellar peduncle; abducens (VI) at the junction between pons and medulla near the midline; facial (VII) at the junction between pons and medulla laterally; vestibulocochlear (VIII) next to the facial; glossopharyngeal (IX) NOT SHOWN; vagus (X) exiting lateral to the inferior olive; accessory (XI) NOT SHOWN; hypoglossal (XII) exiting between the pyramid and inferior olive.

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