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Arcuate Fasciculus, Dissection. This partial dissection of the left hemisphere reveals the arcuate fasciculus, an arching bundle of association fibers that courses through the frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes. The arcuate fasciculus, a part of the superior longitudinal fasciculus, interconnects Wernicke's area (the posterior part of the superior temporal gyrus that is involved in the interpretation of spoken language) with Broca's area (the "motor speech" area in the posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus, the opercular and triangular regions). The arcuate fasciculus is thus essential for normal speech and language function. Note also the optic radiation: the bundle labeled here probably includes fibers of the inferior longitudinal fasciculus, an association fiber bundle that interconnects the superior, middle, and inferior temporal gyri with the occipital lobe; the optic radiation fibers are between it and the lateral ventricle.

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