Frame File Format Specification

Version 2.0

27 May 1997

An atlas page is generated by an image-frame pair of files, where a Frame file is an ASCII file created by FrameBuilder. These files delineate regions of interest on the corresponding GIF images, similar to, but more flexible than a Web imagemap.

Version 1.0 of the frame file format was used to generate the atlases that are available on CD-ROM. As the Digital Anatomist for the WWW and it's companion, FrameBuilder grow through their alpha- and beta-testing stages, many new features have been, and will be requested. Since the version 1.0 frame file format was not extensible, we have developed the current version 2.0, which will allow new features, yet provide for backwards compatibility between generations of software releases. Below is the new file format specification.

The basic syntax is Lisp. A frame file is made up of a list of directives. Whatever characters (if any) appearing between directives are discarded. (but don't use parenthesis between directives...). Whitespace shown throughout the document can be any number or combination of the following ascii characters: TAB (\011), CR (\015), LF (\012), or SPC (\040). (values in octal). A directive is defined as follows:

<directive> := (<directive-name> {<parameter>})

The parameters are dependant upon the directive. The following directives are defined:

(IMAGE (TYPE <image-type>)
       (PATH <image-path>))

(REGION (TYPE <region-type>)
        (ACTION <region-action>)
        (ID <region-id>)
        (COORD-LIST <coord-list>)
        (CENTER-PT <coordinate>))

(FRAME-INFO (STRING <arbitrary-text>))

(OUTLINE-COLOR (NAME <arbitrary-text>))

(STRING-COLOR (NAME <arbitrary-text>))

(PIN-COLOR (NAME <arbitrary-text>))

<coordinate> := (<number> <number>)
<coord-list> := <coordinate>{ <coordinate>}
<image-path> := <filename>
<image-type> := "PICT" | "GIF"
<region-action> := <struct-name> | <filename>
<region-id> := <number>
<region-type> := "STRUCT" | "CONTROL" | "MOVIE"

Directive Explanations

Last Updated: 27 May 1997